Antique Reproduction Mason Jar ~ 250mL

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250mL glass jar with a heavy zinc lid.

NOTE: the jar does not come with the daisy cut sipper lid shown.

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The watery blue green glass of this traditional style Antique Reproduction Mason Jar ~ 250mL is simply lovely. The jar comes complete with a heavy zinc lid NOT the sipper lid as shown. These are a great size for stylish party drinks or use as a small vase (lovely in your bathroom).

The 250mL Antique Reproduction mason jar is a straight sided mason jar which is approximately 9.5cm high. The outer opening diameter is approximately 7cm.


Pack size: 1 jar with a heavy zinc lid

Brand: Old Mill Road

PLEASE NOTE: For our Australia customers, this glassware item will incur an additional shipping fee. Please contact us if you would like to purchase this item and we will provide you with a quote. This additional fee does not apply to New Zealand customers.


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