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Birthday candles are the finishing touch to your celebration cake! Nothing beats someone presenting you with a beautiful birthday cake with candles alight and the sweet sounds of Happy Birthday being sung in the background. We stock a wide range of party candles in various colours and patterns so you are sure to find something to suit your theme and personal style.

Current trends for candles for cakes are ones with fun messages (from the traditional Happy Birthday to YAY or AWESOME) and tall birthday candles. A tall candle looks great on a taller cake which you can easily achieve using one of our 5 layer cake pan sets. Boutique candles with fun messages work really well for grown up birthday parties where you may not want to display a candle for each year of age.

Homemade birthday cakes do not need to cause stress. Cake toppers are a great addition to a simple cake and only need some basic party candles to accompany them.