DIY Party Supplies : Pennant Bunting

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting Complete

If you often cannot find the perfect party supplies to suit your party theme, then this is a tutorial for you! Here I show you how to make a gorgeous pennant bunting using our beautiful premium gift wraps; these are perfect for all sorts of party craft.

You can make a bunting out of almost anything and you can make the bunting flags several different shapes, but we will focus on a traditional pennant flag style bunting in this tutorial. When deciding on your flag shape, it can help to consider the pattern on the paper, the paper size and the party theme. For this pennant style bunting, I worked with the paper size to avoid too much wastage.

hiPP Gift Wrap


You will need:

– paper to suit your theme (you can mix and match or stick with one paper). For this tutorial, we are using the hiPP gift wrap / table runners. (As a side note, these are one of my favourite party supplies as the colours and patterns are beautiful and the paper is great to work with).

twine, string or ribbon

– scissors

– pen and ruler

– glue stick



1. Working from a straight edge, mark the side of the paper to the height of the bunting (we used 24 cm here) and then mark again the same distance along the paper. Fold the paper along the first marks (in this case, the first 24 cm from the end). Open the fold out and and fold your paper along the second marks.

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 1

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 2


2. Open out the fold and cut along the second fold (the furtherest fold from the end of the paper).

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 3


3. Take the piece of paper you have cut from the roll/extra paper. Fold this in half and then in half again. NOTE: for this shaped flag, I found that a quarter of the width of this paper worked really well and made it super easy to do. My finished bunting was approx. 24 cm x 18.5 cm; these were quite large flags but worked well for the space I hung them. You can experiment with whatever paper you have and find some flag dimensions to suit.

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 4

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 5


4. Open out the paper and cut along the 3 fold lines you have just made. You will end up with 4 pieces of paper; these are your flags.

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 6


5. Take some bakers twine to fold the flags over. You can either pull off a length of twine or work with it on the roll. I find it easier to work with it on the roll, that way you don’t run the risk of cutting it too short. Take one piece of paper, glue over the entire back of the paper. Place the bakers twine along the middle of the paper (there will be a fold line there) and fold over the bakers twine. Make sure the flag is nicely lined up then press together. Also, make sure you leave enough twine before the first bunting flag as you will need this when hanging the bunting later.

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 7


6. Mark the center of the bottom of your bunting flag, then mark 6 cm above that (if your flags are a different dimension, then you may want to alter this distance too). This gives you a mark to cut towards. You can use your pen and ruler and mark lines to cut along if you wish but here I have cut free-hand. Whoop whoop, your stunning party decoration is coming together!

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 8

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting 9


7. Repeat steps 1-6 above until you have created a bunting to your desired length. I placed each flag approx. 10-11 cm apart.

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting Complete


Now you get to sit back and enjoy your work!

DIY Party Supplies Pennant Bunting Flowers



Party Supplies: Miss Mouse

Photography: Miss Mouse

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  1. missmouse says:

    Thanks Rosie 🙂 This wrapping paper is thick and glossy so is perfect for all sorts of party crafts. Doesn’t go wrinkly when applying the glue and you can move the papers around easily when you are trying to line everything up during the sticking stage 🙂

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