Fun with Glitter Tape

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Glitter tape is one of those fabulous party crafting items that you can do so much with and it always looks great! Metallics have really hit party and wedding supplies NZ and glitter tape is no exception. Here are some simple and fun ideas to get you started.


Glitter Pegs

Why have plain pegs when you can have glitter pegs! These were so simple to make; you only need your pegs, the roll of tape and scissors. Place a length of glitter tape over the side of your wooden peg, cut down the side of the peg and then trim the ends. Take the length of tape which you cut away (it is just over half the width of the tape) and use that on your next mini wooden peg. We used the 33mm mini wooden pegs here.

Glitter Tape Pegs


Name Tags

A little bit of glitter tape can really jazz up a plain white name tag. I teamed the gold glitter tape up with our gold bakers twine and they looked stunning. A nice option for name tags on wedding favours.

Glitter Name Tags


Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers were so easy to make. Cut a bit of tape to just over twice the length you would like your flag to be, then fold it around the end of a toothpick. Then you are ready to snip the ends to whatever style you like. If you find that your glitter tape is not quite sticky enough to hold itself together when going around an object like the toothpick, just add a bit of glue along the edge of the tooth pick to help the tape stick to that edge (I had to do that for these gold flags as the tape wanted to come away over time; I used a glue stick).

Gold Cupcake Toppers


Cake Bunting

This is such a simple and inexpensive cake bunting which anyone can make. You just need some bamboo skewers (most supermarkets stock these), a length of bakers twine, some glitter tape and scissors. Snip your tape to just over twice the length you would like your flag to be, then fold it over the bakers twine. Continue until you have enough flags on your twine. Snip the ends of the tape so that they are tidy; you can also make wee pennant flags and other flag ends too. Next you take the ends of the twine and tie them onto the bamboo skewers, and ta-daa, you have a nice cake bunting. Tip: I always keep the pointy ends of the skewer up so that it shows when stuck in the cake. It adds a nicer finish and the skewers still go into the cake easily when pushing in the flat ends.

Glitter Tape Cake Bunting


What else could you do with glitter tape? You can use it to decorate candles for your wedding centerpieces, jazz up mini milk bottles, use to add a nice sparkly seal to your birthday invitations or wedding invitations…. the limit is your imagination.

Happy party crafting!



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Photography: Miss Mouse

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